The ECIS Math Quest competition has had a long and interesting history. The competition was started by a lady called Monica Parker from Madrid who actually had participated in a type of Math Quest when she was a child. She thought it would be a great idea for her students. She was a member of an ECIS committee and through this connection and her hard work the first event was organised.

Initially, the competitions were not as competitive as they are today as the focus was more on just having a good time with Math. In the early years only the top three teams found out their place and everyone received a certificate. The competition actually ended with all the coaches getting together and making suggestions of how it could be improved for the next year.

A funny tale was when the actual trophy was accidentally dropped and was broken. Luckily they were able to find the same sculptor in Madrid and she was able to remake the trophy.

Below you will find a list of the host schools and winners from throughout the years. As you will notice we actually haven’t been able to find out the host school for the early years. If you know please let us know.

1996 – Host: ? Winner: International School of Amsterdam

1997 – Host: ? Winner: International School Frankfurt

1998 – Host: ? Winner: Antwerp International School

1999 – Host:International School of Amsterdam Winner: Vienna International School

2000 – Host:Vienna International School Winner: International School of Amsterdam

2001 – Host: The British International School, Cairo Winner: British School of Paris

2002 – Host: British School of Paris Winner: British School of Paris

2003 – Host: Antwerp International School Winner: International School of Brussels

2004 – Host: International School of Stavanger Winner: British School of Paris

2005 – Host: International School of Brussels Winner: International School of Brussels

2006 – Host: International School of Milan Winner: Alice Smith School

2007 – Host: The British School of Marbella Winner: British School Vlaskamp

2008 – Host: International School of Lausanne  Winner: International School of Brussels

2009 – Host: International School of the Hague Winner: International School of Vienna

2010 – Hosts: The British School of Brussels Winner: British School of Paris

2012 – Host: British School of Paris Winner: St Marys

2013 – Host: International School of Stuttgart Winner: Oslo International School

2014 – Host: Berlin Brandenburg International School Winner: St Marys

2015 – Host: Oslo International School Winner: St Marys

2016 – Host: Europa International School Winner: Oslo International School

2017 – Host: International School of Geneva Winner: St Marys

2018 – Host: Stockholm International School Winner: Berlin Brandenburg International School

2019 – Host: Enka School Istanbul Winner: International School of Brussels

2020 –  Host: St Georges Luxembourg (tentative dates: May 7-10)